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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Should I let go what is not mine???

(Piccas borrowed from Mr.Gugeltugel. Thanks yarh...)

Should I???

Emosi yang terganggu sejak akhir-akhir ni sangat menyakitkan.. It HURTS kata Adele.

Should I let go something that I love too much in my life.??

I love it but I can't own it... Not then, not now even in the future, I can't!!!

It's not belong to me anymore..

Someone just lend the 'precious thing' to me for a while, not for entire of my life okay. And right now, the owner of the ‘precious thing’ wants me to return back what is exactly not mine from the previous.

Do I????

May I????

Should I????

Me, Myself and I : Almost two years I live with the most 'precious thing', how can I let it go??

Heart : You have to! It’s not yours!!

Me, Myself and I : I can't!

Heart : Please listen to me. I know what most deserve for you. The 'precious thing' is not yours. Wake up dear!! Please wake up from your dreaming. It’s not YOURS!!!

Me, Myself and I : Why not?? I never broken it right? I take a good of care with the ‘precious thing’ from the first day the owner gives it to me.

Heart : Yup..! You really give a good of care of it but it’s not yours dear. The only thing that you ever wanted, you will never have dear.

Me, Myself and I : I can't! The longer I keep the ‘precious thing’, the harder I have to let it go.

Heart : So you have to let it go right now. If you still keep it, the burden of your sadness is much heavier in future. The real owner of the ‘precious thing’ will happiest if you return it back.

Me, Myself and I : Okay.. I try to heal myself to be better after I return it. (Suddenly crying…)

Heart : You can’t lie on me because I know everything bout you dear. I hope you can be better after this. Trust me.. You deserve to get new ‘Precious Thing’ in future and the “Precious Thing’ that was you keep before will be in good care by its owner. Heal yourself!!

Essentially, heart knows everything. Someone said, 'Smiles and world is yours.' Its doesn't make sense for me right now. But, I'll heal myself slowly. I have to trust what heart was said before..

Okey, Bye!!~~

With love,


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  1. sedihnyaaaa, bukan senang nak lepas kan ape yg kite sayang.. then benda tu bukan milik kita.. hurmmmm nice :)



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