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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UM Convocation


UM da post-kan date untuk convo tahun 2011..
So, marilah kita membuat perancangan dari sekarang.

Dear my Lovely parents,
I'll sponsor ur tickets. Return lagi. No worries k...
Thanks atas perbelanjaan pengajian and segala bagai perbelanjaan sepanjang saya di UM..
Until my heartbeats stop, my eyes close, I'll never can repay all of it... Billionzz thankish to my BELOVED DAD.. I love you so much!! No man can replaced your place in my life, soul, and heart... Till d end.. No one!!! You are da greatest man in my world. I LOVE YOU!!~~

_Thanks to Nad for da info_

Papai u`ollz..

With Love,

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