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Friday, April 15, 2011


P/s: N3 ni pasal jiwa aku. :)
Lau ase taknak annoy2, close tab k. :)
Tapi before close, hit la pape yang patut... hihihi... :)
Jangan mara ari Jumaat.. :)

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
In philosophical context, Love is a virtue representing all of human-kindness, compassion, and affection.

But, from Dania point of view, LOVE is important thing and da one thing that Dania find in her life.
Always... Dania never felt love by others a.k.a human. [Maybe Dania yang terlepas pandang or Dania rasa tidak mencukupi. Well, manusia jarang merasa segalanya lengkapkan]..
Now, Dania = to 24YEARS-ol and sum-one give her LOVE {tat she find before}... No more gloomy days to Dania. Thanx to sum-one who gives da LOVE to Dania.

Dear Sum-one a.k.a my Handsee`Lebah..
  • Thanxkish coz LOVE me. Don't ever2 try to give ur LOVE to others. I warned you!! I'll kerat ur neck nanti.... [Sounds macam berani..hihik]
  • I swear tat I'll LOVE you to0 till d end of my life....
  • Can't wait to meet you!!!!
  • Taking care of urself tau.. and taking care of ur`Love ni tau...hehehe.. [Cekelat tak????]
  • Go0d Luck dalam papepown tau. Always pray for you my Handsee..
  • Please don't ever2 asked me to stop wake you up in every early morning again. I'll kill you if you do so!!!!
  • Please lend ur ears as money lender lend their money. So, in term of you it'll be 'EARS LENDER'..hahaha.. Lots of stories here.. So HOTz bebeyh.~~
  • Last but not least, I need you like a heart needs a heartbeats Handsee`Lebah.... Ever..
Wokeyh.. Papai Handsee`Lebah.. Papai u'ollz..

With Love,

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